The Developers Who Make All the Difference

We founded Emphases intending to help businesses build cost-effective, database-driven websites that would allow for scalability and growth. Since then, we have been building web-based software applications and dynamic websites for small businesses, educational organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.


Our focus is on building web-based applications following structured software principles. We build applications that work and work well.


We write software in Perl, PHP and Java, using databases like Mysql, Postgres, Oracle, Sybase, and SQL server. Our code is all cross-platform. We have written code to run on Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, FreeBSD, Windows and Macintosh servers.


We have the expertise and in-depth experience with database-driven dynamic websites, database design, e-commerce, data mining and analysis, and legacy systems integration.


We have worked with companies from a variety of different sectors including the Financial, Health Care, Public Relations, Publishing, Legal, and Tourism industries