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Tips for Creating Content-Rich Webpages

Bland webpages with little substance will detract visitors and cause your website to lose legitimacy, so here are top tips to maintaining a website with rich content.

Bland webpages with little substance will detract visitors and cause your website to lose legitimacy. The fastest and easiest way to create a content-rich website is to incorporate and update it regularly with the following types of content:

  1. News: Whether you are promoting a product, yourself or a service, offer visitors unbiased news articles relating to the topic or focal point of your site. Posting the latest news will make your website more relevant. Any site can incorporate news by simply offering information about recent updates in products or services.

  2. Personal Touch: Include a personal blog, even if it’s silly. One veterinarian gets daily hits to his website thanks to his pet Chihuahua’s ramblings. The little dog became such a local celebrity that a live video feed was added so visitors could watch “Neno” in real-time.

  3. Ask Questions: Let your visitors know you care what they think. End blog updates with a question. Add the occasional opinion poll. These tactics encourage participation and community-mindedness. Site regulars will become acquainted and start to think of your site as their regular meeting place. You might even consider adding a forum or chat room for these regulars once your site gains popularity.

  4. Photos & Video: A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. So, if you don’t have time to post a blog entry, update your site with a photo or video that is relevant, funny or inspirational.

  5. Special Guests: Going on vacation for a week? Get a guest writer to fill in for you. Sometimes a new outlook is refreshing to visitors. Also, consider interviewing people with ties to your community or subject matter. If you don’t have access to a video camera, simply post the questions and answers in writing.

  6. Details: Offering detailed information about your products and/or services will benefit consumers. In your website’s content, try to answer all potential questions a customer may have. Make your company’s information easily accessible in order to prevent potential customers or clients from browsing a competitor’s website with valuable content.

  7. Leverage the Expertise of a Display & Digital Advertising Agency: Hiring a Display & Digital Advertising Agency can help your business gain exposure. Services such as search engine optimization can increase your visibility online, while search engine marketing displays ads when people are looking for your type of business, products, and services.


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